Urogenital hyperpression and high saddle position

Sella-Alta e iprepressione urogenirale - idmatch

One of the most frequent phenomenon observable in amateur cyclists is the excessive saddle height.

Partly for trend and partly because of its good-looking, we often consider bicycle an artwork rather than a technical instrument to use in order to express a performance.

A study carried out on a sample of 270 cyclists, which declare of suffering of hyperpression pain independently from the type of saddle, showed that 79% adopted a too high saddle position compared to the subject’s anatomic-functional characteristics.


Essentially, the majority of them were not able to do a complete pedaling rotation without compensate in some way.

In particular, a wide majority (more than 70%) adopted an inopportune forward movement on the saddle in order to reduce the distance between sitting and pedals.
This solution accentuated the suffering, due to the leakage of the ischial tuberosities from the sitting surface and to the consequent invasion of the nose of the saddle to the inside of the ischial arch.

An inadequate adjustment of the saddle frustrates all the manufacturing companies’ efforts in drawing and planning always more comfortable and ergonomic products.

In other words, a saddle of right size, shape, and correctly positioned as well, is necessary.


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