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The BRP or Biomechanical Reference Point relates to the accepted parameters for the correct positioning of a rider on a bike in terms of saddle height , saddle seat back and reach from saddle to bars.
To identify the point, it is necessary to establish where the midline intersect with a perpendicular line passing through the 70 mm. width of the saddle.

The identification of the BRP is based on observations of cyclist’s attitudes whereby regardless of type, brand or model, saddles are adjusted at the same distance from the BRP. Although this distance is subjective and should differ from person to person, it always remains a constant trend in behavior.
From coordinates to standard measures
Reach from saddle to bars (d)
Saddle height over- bottom braket (a)
Saddle seatback (b)
Drop from saddle to bars (c)
Effective Seat angle (g)
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